Top 10 Reasons

St. Mary School is the best choice for education

10 Christian behavior expectations is provided, encouraged, and reinforced daily through prayer and weekly Mass.

9 Benefits from special programs such as Spanish, computers, fitness, art, and music.

8 Valued technology with the use of iPads, Smartboards, computers, laptops, and Chromebooks integrated throughout Y5-6 grade curriculum.

7 Ideal class sizes allows the teachers at St. Mary School to get to know students intimately. This means we know a child’s strengths and current struggles and create a learning environment to help students thrive. Parents, students and teachers are true partners in education.

6 Young 5 through sixth grade all in one building. Age interaction promotes a family atmosphere among teachers, students, and parents.

5 Valued service-learning programs for students which connects them to the larger world and helps them discover their learning potential as leaders.

4 Alumni show leadership and become responsible stewards of the parish, the community, and the world.

3 Excellent online NWEA results.

2 Highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty setting high academic standards and Christian expectations.

1 We are a Catholic school committed to academic excellence where all faiths are welcome and students experience a Christian faith-filled environment daily.