Preschool wish-list

  • Tempera Crayola paint variety of colors
  • Label refills for label maker (DYMO letra tag label maker)
  • Multi cultural playhouse family
  • New laptop

Kindergarten wish-list

The Y5/Kindergarten classroom is all set as of now.  Thank you to all the generous donors.


1st Grade

Please check back to see the 1st grade classroom wish list!


2nd Grade





Wishlist for Computer

  • Dream wish list would be 23 tablets iPads for the computer lab

Fitness wishlist

  • Jump Ropes x30 12 pack – $14.99 on Amazon
  • Double Dutch Ropes x4 – 2 packs – $17.99 on Amazon
  • Step up platforms Prices vary and would also appreciate hand made
    a. 3 @ 8 inch
    b. 2 @ 10 inch
    c.  2 @ 12 inch
  • Wall Balls (soft material) Prices vary
    a. x5 @ 6lbs
    b. x5 @ 10lbs
  •  Slam Balls (rubber texture) Prices Vary
    a. x5 @ 5lb
    b. x5 @ 8lb 
    c. x2 @ 10lb
  • Hockey Net prices vary
  • PVC/plastic style hockey net. We have one but would love to have two.
  • Steel pipes wrapped in athletic tape for learning lifts (deadlift, shoulder press, cleans, ext…)  x5
  • Agility ladder and speed training set x2 Sets usually include cones and resistance parachute
  • Resistance Bands  x30
  • Frisbees  x30