Tobias family

We truly appreciate you and all that you do to help our Mr. Jude learn, grow and develop strong character and connection with his faith. I am so comfortable and confident in his safety and well-being while at school and you all are you credit for that. The family culture is what makes St. Mary’s feel like home

Sarah Chouinard

We just love this school & so does our daughter! Small class sizes and a wonderful carrying staff plus a strong, nurturing education & faith! Miss Henry & Mrs. A are such wonderful Teachers to their Preschool students.

– Fr. Nate

Fantastic teachers, family atmosphere, Christ centered

-Jeanette Moeggenborg

We believe St. Mary School provides our children the best education we can obtain. We not only send our children to St. Mary for their quality education, we send them to learn in a safe, loving and faith filled environment.  The love that is shown to the children is outstanding.  This love extends further than the teachers and staff.  One of our reservations in sending our eldest to young 5’s was having Young 5-6th grade in one building.  This quickly became our greatest blessing.  The students look after each other, not because they have to, because they truly enjoy each other’s friendship.  How many schools can you find 6th graders playing with Kindergarteners?

Another great thing is class sizes are smaller which allows the teachers to be more attentive to the children’s needs.  The teachers and staff inspire the children to be their best, while instilling values, faith love, and respect for one another.

We are confident enrolling our children at St. Mary School was the best decision for our Family.

-Gretchen Verhaar

Both my children love St. Mary School. The children have shown great achievements in learning and social skills. All the students are not just a group of kids they are their own individuals learning at their level.


We feel this school has high expectations for all children. The loving and caring environment allows children to excel. Receiving weekly notes from the teacher on how your child performed and behaved is priceless. With the small school size, it is nice getting to know most all the children. The level of volunteering that is required allows you to get to know the parents as well.


We choose St. Mary School for the quality education and Christian formation. The teachers and staff provide a loving and nurturing environment where our children are cared for and taught valuable life lessons. The small class sizes allow more one on one for our children, which is essential in a learning relationship. The family atmosphere allows children and parents to feel safe, secure, and responsible for one another. St. Mary School is a “home away from home.


Our child is not just a number to receive more money from the state, he’s an individual and is treated as such with the same Christian values we have at home.


We feel very strongly about our values. We choose to send our children to school with kids from other families with similar values. The teachers also share those values so the 7 hours each day when our kids are not with us, they are still living in a world with those values-same values are enforced.


I strive to teach my children to be caring, responsible and respectful and St. Mary School helps build those characteristics. Thanks St. Mary’s!


We choose St. Mary because we want our children to have a faith-based education. We like the family atmosphere, where students and parents know each other.


We like the smaller groups so that our children would have the feeling of being in a safe surrounding. We also have to say a big thank you to the children and teachers of the preschool and Kindergarten for helping our children to speak English and adjust to America in a very nice and friendly way!