St. Mary’s School, a ministry of Nativity of the Lord Parish, is committed to academic excellence and forms children into life-long disciples of Christ and responsible stewards of the parish, the community, and the world.  All our constituents celebrate our faith and follow the Gospel.  We strive to provide a variety of opportunities for our students and individualize instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. St. Mary’s School prepares students to succeed in our world, while emphasizing community involvement and service to others.

As a Catholic school, our strong faith-filled family environment supports high academic and behavior standards, which is key to our success. The strengths of St Mary’s School are a faith-based education, small class sizes, family-friendly atmosphere, a dedicated staff, and support from various constituents.  We welcome all faiths to celebrate our Catholic faith.  Having a different faith allows families to have discussions about religion.  We are not trying to convert others to Catholicism here at St. Mary’s School.