Student Council

Dear St. Mary Families:

Friday’s during the school year we will be celebrating Spirit Day and we ask that students wear their spirit wear. This year the Student Council will be having Spirit Sales on Friday during lunch where popcorn will be sold. Each Friday your child’s teacher will take a popcorn count so we know how many bags to make by lunch.

Prices for Spirit Sale:
(Candy will vary throughout the year.)

Popcorn- .40¢
Prices of candy range from .05¢ – .50¢
Large sized candy bars will be $1.50

Please Note: Box Tops will not be used for Spirit Sale (cash only) due to the Box Top Organization going digital.

Thank you for your Support! 2019-20 Student Council

Spirit Days


Sept. 27- Orange and Black Day

Oct. 18- Stuffed Animal Day

Oct. 31- Halloween dress-up day

Nov. 7- Red, White, and Blue Day Honoring Veterans

Nov. 14- Michigan State vs. Michigan (Support your favorite team!)

Nov. 22- 80’s Day

Dec. 20- Red and Green Day

Jan. 27- Jan. 31- Catholic Schools Week (TBD)

Feb. 14- Red, White, and Pink day (Valentine’s day)

Mar. 17- Wear green day (St. Patrick’s day)

April 17- Gum Day

May 29- Beach Day

*These dates are subject to change.  Each of these days will cost .25¢.

All proceeds go to Outreach programs in our parish, community and world.