Tuition Process


Your educational investment in your child(ren) at St. Mary School and/or Preschool for 2017-2018 will be:

Y5-6 Registration Fee:               $35 per family   *non-refundable

Preschool Registration Fee:       $35 per family   *non-refundable

Fundraising Requirement:          Per family: $350 (K-6), $200 (Y5), $100 (Preschool)

Enrollment begins February 13, 2017 for existing families and Open enrollment to the Public begins Feb. 27, 2017.


            2017-18 Tuition Schedule

Catholic Non Catholic
1st child 3,076.50 3,903.00
2nd child 2,040.00 2,739.50
3rd child 1,446.00 1,842.00
4th child 723.00 849.50
Young 5’s 1,446.00 1,951.50
MWF PK 958.50 958.50
TTH PK 688.50 688.50


Payment options:            Tuition Payment Preference

Option 1:  Full tuition payment due by the first day of school.  Payment will be made directly to                   NOTL-Business Office.  No FACTS fee will be assessed.  Failure to pay by the first day of school (TBD) will                 result in assignment to FACTS.

Option 2:  Semester payments.  The first payment is due on the first day of school (TBD) and paid                       directly to NOTL Business Office.  The second payment is due January 2018, and paid to FACTS on                             the 5th or 20th of the month by automated payment process.  The FACTS  enrollment fee is $10.                                    

Option 3:  Quarterly payments.  Payments are made through FACTS due August 2017, October 2017,                 January 2018, and March 2018 on the 5th or 20th by automated payment process.  FACTS enrollment fee is $45.

Option 4:  10 monthly payments.  Payments are made through FACTS August through May on the 5th or 20th using the automated payment process.  The FACTS enrollment fee is $45.

Option 5:  12 monthly payments.  Payments are made through FACTS on the 5th or 20th of each month using   the automated payment process. FACTS enrollment fee is $45.

If tuition is not pre-paid, you are required to have a FACTS payment account set up.  To create a FACTS account go to  If a payment is not made via FACTS, the business manager, principal or parochial administrator will contact the family regarding financial issues immediately.  A decision will be made concerning tuition payments for the rest of the school year.  Any deviation from the above must be approved by the parochial administrator.


Ways to decrease tuition:

Scholarships are available to those individuals that are in need of tuition assistance. In order to be eligible, you must complete the application and process at by March 13. Our tuition management company FACTS, completes a confidential financial analysis.

SCRIP:  Pre-paid “gift cards” that you can purchase directly at the Parish Office or order online.  Each time you use SCRIP, you get a small rebate which will be credited to your account quarterly.  If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please call the office 989-463-4579.